Protect political rights in all of Europe – no persecution of communist parties and ban their political symbols

27. Mai 2016

FIR as umbrella organization of veterans, partisans and former resistance fighters and antifascists of today’s generations is seriously concerned about the danger for political freedom in several European countries. The persecution of Communist parties, of Communist and antifascist Resistance fighters, the ban on the use of their symbols which began after the overthrow of socialism in Eastern Europe, is even expanding in our days. The persecution of the Communist party members and Resistance Fighters in the Baltic countries, in Hungary, Poland, Ukraine and further countries, are well-known.

In these countries, has outlawed the use of symbols, primarily of the Communist parties and, even after that, many Communists and Resistance fighters, the pioneers of the national movement were convicted and jailed. Restrictions in these countries show that these persecutions were aimed at social freedom and civil rights. On the other hand the actions of fascist parties and organizations are allowed in these countries: former Nazi are praised and SS-collaborators were called “freedom fighters” and monuments to their honor were erected. In the same time monuments of the Red Army which had liberated these countries and defeated fascism were demolished. All those countries, except Ukraine, are members of the European Union. These countries, but Ukraine as well having an ultra-right fascist government, are politically, economically and militarily supported by the EU which closes its eyes in view of these crimes.

Although FIR is not linked to any political party, we are seriously concerned about these political tendencies in several European countries. And, in this regard, we cannot forget that the EU-parliament adopted a resolution equating Hitler with Stalin, fascism with socialism and establishing the 23th of August (the day on which the Ribbentrop-Molotov agreement was signed) as a day of remembrance against totalitarian regimes.

FIR encourages representatives of the EU to defend the political rights of all people and not to support such rightwing-populist governments which have proven that they delimitate the political rights of their peoples and allow the activities of ultra-right and fascist organizations.

May 2016