Stop the danger of war – for a new European security architecture

23. Februar 2022

In its latest Newsletter FIR presented the following tasks to solve the political conflict:

From our point of view, there is a solution to this problem, to which all sides can actively work on:

A propagandistic de-escalation and preparation of a European security conference in OSCE format, in which contractual agreements are concluded which correspond to the security interests of all states in Europe.

Those who do not want Russian medium-range forces in Kaliningrad must also contractually agree not to position any elsewhere near the Russian border.

Those who want Russian troops to be withdrawn near their own borders must not provide for NATO troops on their own border.

Whoever does not want a political-military escalation in Europe must prevent NATO – contrary to all political agreements – from expanding further east.

Those who want a de-escalation of the situation must return to confidence-building measures (such as the open sky agreement), the principles of the 1997 NATO-Russia Founding Act, and to genuine arms limitation and disarmament treaties that have been unilaterally terminated by the United States.

Not dangerous threatening gestures and armament of Ukraine, but diplomacy, a common security architecture and the recognizable will for disarmament are necessary in this situation.

The FIR and its member federations raised already several years ago the demand for a new policy of détente. This is more topical than ever. The peace forces in all European countries must publicly stand up for this.

The full declaration, you can find on facebook-page of FIR