(English) Solidarity with the antifascist veterans-organization ANPI

9. Dezember 2018

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FIR, the umbrella organization of federations of former veterans, partisans, deported and pursued ones and today’s antifascists is deeply concerned about the neo-fascist attack against the traditional Italian veteran organization ANPI.

The « heroes » of the neo-fascist Forza Nuova tried to attack the empty organization’s office with posters and Bengali fires this weekend.

We assure our Italian comrades the full solidarity of the FIR and all its member federations. Together we will reject the threat of neo-fascist perpetrators of violence and right-wing populist demagogues. Together we stand for the ideals of anti-fascism, defending freedom and democracy. The neo-fascists will not come through or in a historical slogan “No pasaran!”

We are pleased that we can document this also personally on the anti-fascist conference coming weekend in Rome.