(English) Declaration against historical revisionism

8. Dezember 2019

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The delegates of the XVIII Congress of the Federation Internationale des Resistants (FIR) – Association Antifasciste are deeply horrified of accepted resolution of the European remembrance for the future of Europe on 19th September 2019 from European parliament.

It opens the doors of the European Union for fascist invasion. Moreover, it appeals European countries with all resources to provide that antinational politics, to cover atrocities and crimes of the fascism period of the Second World War. The fact is that 535 members of the European parliament delegated there from laboured and progressive Europe, occupied and repressed from Nazi Germany at the time of Second World War with clear majority accepted this bold and brazen resolution with fake content. That is how without any historical remembrance they defend revisionists, Russophobe’s and anti-communist positions and justifies neoliberalism.

How can the “United Europe” deny historical truth and to state that instigator of the Second World War is the Soviet Union, to state also that German-Soviet plan is the reason for Second World War’s events? How Europe can state that Nazi Germany and Soviet Union are Gemini who had the negotiations to separate the world by each other? How that New Europe can state the Red Army is not the liberator of Europe and it is enslaver and occupier?

We flatly opposed and deplore of accepted resolution of the European parliament. We also do not accept the faked historical events of that period. We appeal to all progressive thinking people to unite their forces in the battle with all tries of the rebuilding of the fascism;

We are for verification of the historical truth.

– The Soviet Union is not instigator of the Second Wold War.

– Never Nazi Germany and Soviet Union had negotiations for sharing the world.

– The Red army as part of the Anti-Hitler-Coalition had the biggest contribution for the liberation of Europe from Nazism.

We will defend historical truth of the Second World War and will be struggling for peace, freedom and demarcation in whole Europe and the world!