The FIR member federations remembered the invasion of the Soviet Union

23. Juni 2021


The FIR and its member federations used the 80th anniversary of the Hitler fascist invasion of the Soviet Union for various commemorative events. 

Despite all restrictions caused by the pandemic, public honors took place of course in the states of the former Soviet Union. Together with the Belorussian veteran federation, several hundred people gathered on June 22 in the early morning hours in Brest at the memorial place, in order to honor the defenders of this « hero fortress ». Of course, wreath-laying ceremonies and public commemorations took place in Russia and in Ukraine.

Also in many other countries antifascist and veteran associations commemorated this event publicly. Together with the FIR, the Italian partisan federation ANPI organized an international historical conference by video, on which Italian, Russian and German historians classified the invasion. FIR president Vilmos Hanti opened the conference with a political greeting and ANPI President Gianfranco Pagliarulo formulated at the end political consequences for the anti-fascist work today. The conference can be followed as a livestream on the Facebook page of ANPI. The presentation of the FIR Secretary General can be requested by e-mail (

From Greece, Spain, France and further countries likewise reports of commemorative meetings of FIR federations are present.

In Germany, anti-fascist forces organized in these days in more than 50 cities public commemoration meetings, partly with wreath laying at graves of Soviet soldiers or prisoners of war and other symbolic actions.

Even by a Turkish newspaper, the Secretary General was asked in an extensive interview to the commemoration of the 80th anniversary and could report on the work of the FIR.