Winning the peace – not the war!

23. Februar 2023

Statement of FIR one year after the beginning of the war in Ukraine

On 24 February 2022, Russian troops invaded Ukraine in a major escalation of the Russo-Ukrainian conflict. The invasion has caused tens of thousands of deaths on both sides and has exacerbated the role of NATO in the area.
As a direct outcome of the Russian decision, not only about 16 million Ukrainians had to flee the country, but other hundreds million people must bear the consequences of an economic war, where energy costs have risen extremely, fertilizer and grain have become almost unaffordable for the poorer countries of the world and speculators are using this war to increase their profits.
We are witnessing that this war is increasingly taking on the character of a proxy war between Russia and the NATO states through massive deliveries of offensive weapons from the NATO arsenal and logistical support. In addition, the European Union is involved in this war, instead of following the way of negotiations, which started years ago with the Minsk treaties.
Now we can hear more and more voices of reason around the world, even former military officers and diplomats, calling for an immediate ceasefire without preconditions and for the start of negotiations between the warring parties. The November 2022 appeal of the World Veterans Federation (WVF) and the International Federation of Resistance Fighters (FIR) therefore states:
« Weapons will never bring peace, diplomacy and negotiations are the only way. This is necessary above all to save the lives of the civilian population on both sides.
In this, we also see ourselves in agreement with Pope Francis, who has urgently warned of the danger of nuclear war, which will have catastrophic consequences not only on the battlefield, but also for all European countries and definitely for all humanity. »
The international peace forces therefore call on Russia and Ukraine to accept the offers of mediation and dialogue made by the United Nations and various states. This is the only way to stop the war and save human lives. We welcome the position taken by Latin American leaders at the CELAC summit in Argentina, who reaffirmed the principle of « No to war and yes to dialogue and cooperation » – that means no arms deliveries and no sanctions. We call the people in all countries to strengthen their public activities for peace. If the voice of the people will be louder, the governments will react on it.
FIR has already appealed in the spring of 2022 to the veterans of the Great Patriotic War in the various European countries and Israel to use their social and political influence and work for the immediate cessation of hostilities in this war.
« Turn to the leaders of your countries. Ask them to bring about an immediate cessation of all hostilities through dialogue with political leaders in Russia and Ukraine, as well as with representatives of the military on both sides, and to ensure that the delivery of offensive weapons does not prolong these hostilities. An immediate cease-fire is necessary to protect the civilian population, which includes many former Soviet veterans and their families. They know better than anyone that the weapons must remain silent. Arms supplies will not bring peace, only a cessation of fighting and serious negotiations between the warring parties. »
This is the way of peoples and life, the dream of a better, more peaceful world. This is the way of today’s partisans. Partisans of peace, partisans of humanity!