XIX FIR congress in Barcelona, October 2023

19. Juni 2023

Our last regular congress has been end of 2019 in Reggio Emilia. It was an impressive event and a successful meeting. Normally we should have had the next congress in 2022, but due to the Pandemic situation not only in Europe the FIR-EC decided to postpone this important meeting for all member federations. In the last meeting of the executive committee of FIR, we decided finally to prepare our next regular congress of FIR for October 2023 in Barcelona.
Supported by our Catalan comrades and member federations the conference will take place from Friday October 27 to Sunday October 29, 2023 in Barcelona. The opening will be on Friday late afternoon with the ceremony of the Michel Vanderborght Award, the congress itself will be on Saturday and on Sunday we will participate in the ceremonial events of “Despedita”.

All member federations will receive an official invitation in summer. There one can find the regulars, the agenda and – later on – the proposals for common declarations.