Decisions of XVI regular congress of FIR


The torch of FIR – approaching the 70th anniversary of victory – is the ambassador for peace; let’s say NO to today’s neo-fascist phenomena!”

We are approaching an outstanding anniversary. On May 8, 2015 we will celebrate the 70th anniversary of the world-wide victory of the antifascist coalition over fascism during the Second World War. The former resistance fighters created not only peace on Earth but also assisted to form a more modern society, the European integration.

The Victory Day has been celebrated by FIR yearly, but the 70th anniversary will be an extraordinary opportunity. Unfortunately the biological watch is also ticking for the heroes of the former resistance fighters and maybe it is the last chance when they could celebrate together with the offspring, the current holders of the flame of freedom and peace on a round anniversary.

Presenting the example, of the heroic martyrdom of the former resistance fighters and showing their risky life is very much important nowadays. We experience the strengthening of neo-fascist tendencies. Racism and hate against different minorities is rising. We consider it as the hall for fascism. Many try to rewrite the chronicles of history and the public education system often sets the fighters on the side of fascists as examples worth following. The followers of the far-right appeared in both national parliaments and even in the European Parliament.

In these circumstances, it is an out-most importance that FIR takes part in the preparation for the 70th anniversary of the great victory. Let’s shake up the public audience, let’s say no to the falsification of history! It is necessary to familiarize the youth with the facts that the former antifascist resistance represented humanity, the anti-Hitler coalition was on the side of progress, and Nazism and fascism brought destruction to the world. Do not allow the antidemocratic forces, which are interested in disruption, to infiltrate our democratic institutions! Fascism is not an opinion but a felony and crime against mankind!

All these symptoms urge the Executive Committee of FIR to launch during its congress in Sofia the torch – the symbol of FIR – and pass it on to the member organizations in different countries to have it finally arrive in Berlin on the Day of Victory. The motto of our action: „The torch of FIR – approaching the 70th anniversary of victory – is the ambassador for peace; let’s say NO to today’s neo-fascist phenomena!”

Our aim is that during a course of one and a half years, our member organizations after receiving the FIR torch would use the opportunity to organize different programs before sending it further to the next country. According to our estimates, the torch could be placed with our member organizations for a length of two to three weeks.

Never again fascism!

Condemnation of attack on Syria by FIR

The international public opinion and the whole humanity are watching with concern and indignation the decision and preparations of the USA and their alliance, for an unprovoked attack against the people of Syria, an action which endangers the whole region, with dire consequences on global peace.

It is clear and profound that the imperialists are interested about the mineral wealth (oil, gas, etc.) and the transport routes. Everything else is just a pretext and false justification.

Those who ruthlessly massacre the peoples for their interests do not have the right to claim themselves as the saviors of the Syrians. The recent story from their actions in Iraq, Afghanistan and in other places, where thousands of people were massacred, with the pretext of owning weapons of mass destruction proven as a lie – weapons that were never found, shows their true intentions. This is why they do not want to wait for the results of the survey conducted by the special scientists who work for the United Nations.

We, the fighters of the National Resistance and the antifascist struggle, and also, their friends and descendants, who express their selves through FIR, demand the immediate stop of the western attack plans against Syrian People, to stop immediately the help in weapons and any other material that they provide to the so-called ‘Free Syrian Army’, because this is a raw intervention to the internal affairs of Syria, and let the Syrian people to solve their problems on their own.

Activities against SS- meeting and historical revisionism in

Baltic states

FIR and its member federations will organize on March 16, 2014 in

Riga (Latvia) and/or on July 26, 2014 in Vaivara (Estonia) together with

regional activist’s public activities against the meeting of SS-veterans

and other neo-fascists.

Neo-fascism in Greece – fight together

The XVI regular Congress of FIR in Sofia condemn the brutal murder of 34-year Greek antifascists Pavlos Fissas perpetrated by members of the neo-Nazi party “Golden Dawn” on the night of 18 September Keratsini, a working-class district of Piraeus. For a long time the Golden Dawn is involved in violent attacks against migrants and refugees, left-wing activists, homosexuals and other minorities. The organization presents its abhorrence for democracy and freedom quite openly.

We see in this fact an indication of the increasing violence of the extreme right and open neo-fascist forces. Against this, a common resistance must be developed. Therefore, we call on anti-fascists across Europe to demonstrate their active solidarity with the Greek anti-fascist movement.

We call on the Greek government to stop the criminal activities of neo-Nazis with greater consistency, including a ban on neo-fascist organization.

We call on European governments, the European Union and its institutions to end the economic sanctions against the Greek population and people in other southern European countries, because this fatal “austerity” is one of the causes for the rise of extreme right and neo-Nazi parties in many European countries.

Recognition of the participants in the antifascist fight as combatant of WW II (1939-1945)

World War II /1939 – 1945/ is a war against world fascism represented by Nazi-Germany and its allies. The antifascist struggle in Bulgaria is integral part of the world antifascist and anti-Hitler fight.

Therefore it is an absolutely natural view and opinion that participants in the antifascist fights should be seen as participants in the WW II. Supporting the countries which fought against fascism, meaning the democratic countries of USA, Great Britain and USSR and fight along with their soldiers, the Bulgarian antifascist fighters become warriors of the United Nation’s army. Their struggle against fascism rehabilitate all the Bulgarian people, which were against their will put together with Tripartite pact Rome – Berlin – Tokyo), put into a war against USA and Great Britain by the unconvincing Bulgarian right-wing government, all of them proof at the end that Bulgarian folks do not accept the fascist ideology and the politics that Germany of Hitler and its allies implement by that time. These antifascist fighters from the land of Georgi Dimitrov helped Bulgaria to preserve its territorial integrity after the end of war. Without antifascist fighters in Bulgaria and without fatherhood war immediately afterward Bulgaria most probably was about to face its third national and most devastating catastrophe. Therefore the Bulgarian antifascist fighters should be recognized as participants and fighters during WW II and to benefit from all rights mentioned in the Law of Veterans.

We must underline the fact that participants in the antifascist fight across all European countries are well known and respected by civil society. Bulgaria is the only country where because of political reasons is just the opposite – these fighters are discriminated.

Therefore the International Federation of Resistance Fighters (FIR) calls for the National Assembly of Republic of Bulgaria to adopt a law for “Recognition of the participants in the antifascist fight as combatant of WW II (1939-1945)”. Thus one historical truth will be confirmed, the fact that Bulgarian people stayed close to the democratic coalition of USA, Great Britain and USSR, and their fight helps prevailing over the Hitler-fascism.

FIR to the Hungarian Government

Concerning the declaration of FIR according to Mr. Hanti the congress of FIR regretfully experiences that the perpetrators of the neo-nazi assault who attacked Vilmos Hanti, the president of FIR, on August 29, 2012 in Budapest, after one year have not been caught yet and brought to the court.

The congress of FIR calls the Hungarian Government that it does not hesitate to detect the offenders.

Solidarity with „Cuban Five“

As known five Cuban patriots had been sentenced and imprisoned in the USA, because they did their patriotic duty to defend the people of Cuba against terrorist attacks.

Four Cuban patriots are still in US-prisons illegally and for many years. We demand the immediate liberation of the Cuban patriots. We call the US-government to allow them to return to their country Cuba.

Finally we call the USA as well as the EU to stop the illegal blockade of the island of revolution, because this is leading to the economic suffocation of the people of Cuba.

Support for the National Center of administrative and juridical prosecution of Nazi-criminals in Ukraine

Declaring the activities of anti-fascist organizations aimed to preventing revision of the results of World War II, the struggle with the rehabilitation of Nazi collaborators, to agree with the positive direction of the International Anti-Fascist Front (Ukraine). To agree with its efforts to identify pockets of neo-Nazism, racism and xenophobia, radical nationalism, protection of truthful stories and countering attempts to revise the results of the Great Patriotic War and World War II.

To approve the initiative to establish a National Center of administrative and juridical prosecution of Nazi criminals, and contribute to its further work, as an important tool for the protection of historical truth, the outcome of the Second World War and the punishment of Nazi-criminals and their accomplices-collaborators.

Given the emergence of dangerous trends revival of neo-Nazism, fascism, racism, radical nationalism and intolerance at sports events at various levels and in various countries, fueled by organized youth groups: ultra, fans, encouraged all organizations to respond to such antics for preventing them, punish those responsible and prevent in a further. Interact on these issues with national and international sporting bodies and law enforcement agencies.

On the German war indemnifications debts in Greece

Based on the information we received at the XVI congress by PEAEA- DSE, that the German state has not paid yet the indemnifications debts, which have been estimated and decided by competent international forums (London, Paris) as regards the destruction caused by the German occupation troops in Greece. Even the occupation loan, which the conquerors “grasped” from Greece, has not been restituted yet, in spite of the fact that almost 70 years have passed since WWII.

FIR supports the struggle of the Greek Resisters in order to get the debt/ the war indemnification paid by the German state to the Greeks for the loss of human lives and for the enormous destruction of infrastructure, for the restitution of the occupation loan as well as for the return of the state archeological treasures of the country.

We call the German government to respond finally in a positive way and to proceed to the fulfillment of the request of the Greeks. We consider that the government of Germany has not only the legal obligation to pay the indemnifications, but the moral obligation as well to close in this way the sad chapter of crimes of the Nazi-regime that massacred the world bringing misery to millions of innocent people all over the world.

The delegation of the Portuguese Antifascist Resistant Fighters (URAP) present at the Congress of the International Federation of Resistance Fighters presents to the vote the following draft resolution


  • the upsurge of neoliberal politics in Europe;

  • the increasing degradation of the living conditions of workers and citizens in large part of european countries;

  • the political, economic and social instability verified, particularly in the countries where the so-called austerity measures have been applied;

  • the performance of some governments and the public statements of others (such as Holand) intending to abandon the so-called Social State, which means the privatization of the state social functions;

  • the concerning resurgence of fascistic behaviors and groups, in some cases (such as Hungary) with the complicity of the governments of those countries;

  • The importance of democracy and the state social functions, achievements of the workers and the peoples, as main assurances of stability and peace in Europe;

The delegates present in the Congress of the International Federation of Resistance Fighters, that took place on the 5th and 6th of October in Sofia, Bulgaria, deliberated to:

  1. Vehemently condemn the continuation of neoliberal policies in Europe.

  2. Defend policies leading to peace, Democracy and well-being of peoples.

  3. Disseminate this resolution by the means considered convenient.

Adopted as material for EC