Resolution regarding Cyprus

20. Oktober 2007

The 14th congress of the International Federation of the Resistance Fighters
(FIR) which took place in Athens October 19-20, 2007

  • Reemphasizes that the sole foundation for the preservation of peace and
    security worldwide is compliance with the principles of the United Nations
    Charter, the Declarations of Human Rights and the fundamental rights.
  • Deplores regional conflicts in conjunction with foreign interventions
    experienced by the international community which explicitly violate the
    aforementioned principles and which do not realise the decisions of the
    Security Council of the United Nations.
  • Calls upon the FIR member organisations to urge their respective governments
    to efficiently support efforts to overcome regional conflicts and continuing
    problems – among others problems in Cyprus – by implementation of the decisions
    of the United Nations Security Council for peaceful solutions based upon
    appreciation of international laws and the primacy of human rights and
    fundamental rights.
  • Requests the Secretary of the Executive Committee of FIR to urge the United
    Nations to exercise pressure on the respective opponents to accept United
    Nations decisions to be the only way towards a peaceful solution.
  • Worried by the persistence of the crisis over Cyprus endagering
    international security, and the circumstances that decisions of the United
    Nations regarding Cyprus have not yet been implemented, and by the lack of
    progress in past negotiations, keeping in mind the necessity to solve the
    Cyprus problems peacefully without any further delay, the Congress requests an
    urgent restart of efficient and substantial negotiations under the auspices of
    the United Nations and the European Union in order to achieve a basically
    acceptable agreement as soon as possible based upon the fundamental legal
    rights of all inhabitants.