Financial rules of FIR

20. Oktober 2007

Expanding the statute of FIR, the Congress decided on the following rules
for membership fees.

  1. Membership in FIR is also based upon an annual membership fee of the
    individual member organisation to be paid no later than June 30th of the
    current year. Membership fees provide for the operating expenses of FIR.

  2. The rate of the FIR membership fee is determined by the proper statute of
    the participating organisation and its financial leeway, and is normally
    determined by 0.50 Euros per year and member.

    Standard FIR membership fee is 300 Euros per year.

  3. The number of the delegates of the membership organisation to the
    congresses is determined by the amount of membership fees paid.

    Paying an annual membership fee of

    – at least the minimum of 150 Euros: 1 delegate,
    – more than 300 Euros: 2 delegates,
    – more than 1000 Euros: 3 delegates.

    Exceptions in individual cases may be applied for at the executive

  4. Travel expenses of the delegates are being paid for by their proper

    Upon application the executive committee may decide within its
    financial leeway to support an individual member organisation for their
    delegate to participate in a congress.

  5. The statutory appropriation of the financial resources is verified
    annually in particular prior to the congresses, by a financial committee to be
    elected by the congress. Following each verification a report is submitted to
    the executive committee and the congress.