FIR reaffirms its solidarity with the refugees

27. Mai 2016

FIR – the federation of former veterans, partisans and Resistance fighters, antifascists of today’s generations – recalls its declaration „Helping refugees – combat the causes of flight – human dignity for everyone – together against racism!” (March 2016). On this fundament the leading body of FIR supports the following declaration of our Greek comrades (PEAEA) and encourages all member federations of FIR to be active and in solidarity with the refugees in their countries:

The refugee crisis has become worse since the shameful agreement between the EU and Turkey which violates the rights of refugees as they have been defined by international law signed as well by the Greek government. The situation of the refugees is becoming more and more inhumane. Those refugees who are sent back by Greece to Turkey, are thrown into prison and if they are sent to their home countries, their life is in immediate danger.

This agreement permitted as well many American NATO warships to be present in the Eastern part of Mediterranean under the pretext of monitoring from the field to reduce the flow of refugees, but really they just follow the movements of Russian warships. The result is an increase of the danger of an imperialist war with disastrous consequences for the populations of the entire region. However the refugee crisis escalated especially after the closure of the European borders with the result that refugees are trapped in Greece under inhumane conditions.

Scandals of NGO’s exploiting refugees also are being revealed every day making life of refugees even harder. If the refugees are still preserved in Greece, it’s because of the solidarity of ordinary people and the organized help from people’s committees.

Hypocritical statements and actions of the European Union and other imperialist organs are not going to solve any problem, because the flows of refugees are the result of the imperialist interventions and wars those organizations cause themselves in order to control the resources of wealth of those regions and their transport routes.

We demand the immediate opening of borders to refugees, so they were able to go to the countries where they want to live. We also demand an end to imperialist interventions so that refugees could return to their homes.         

Adopted May 2016