FIR on the way to the XVII regular congress in Prague

28. Oktober 2016

The Executive committee decided to hold the XVII regular congress of FIR November 18 – 20, 2016 in Prague. Since the XVI regular congress in Sofia we could experience a number of important developments of the political work. Impressive commemoration activities of the 70th anniversary of Day of Victory and common activities like the international youth meeting in Auschwitz underlined importance of FIR and the meaning of the work with the youth. On the other hand confirms the problematic development (f. e. danger of war, problems for refugees, and uprising of extreme right groups) not only in Europe but in different parts of the world the necessity of anti-fascist and anti-racist activities also in the future. Therefor a strong and authorized to act organization is necessary. So the tasks of the coming congress will be to make a realistic balance of our common work of the last years and to define the coming tasks. In addition we have to elect the leading committees. At the evening of November 18 – as an opening ceremony – we will hand over the Michel-Vanderborght-Award to partners of FIR. The closing will be a common commemoration ceremony in Lidice on Sunday morning. More than 50 delegates and guests from about 20 European countries and Israel are expected. Also guest from international structures and social organizations of Czech republic. The preparation of the congress has been done with excellent support of our Czech member federation CSBS. The conference and the accommodation will be in TOP Hotel Praha (Congress Center). Working languages at the congress are English and Russian. If somebody is interested to participate as guest, please ask the national federation or contact the FIR-office.