FIR very concerned about political developments in Europe

3. Juni 2018

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Government formation in Italy last week clearly underlined the danger of increasing right wing developments in Europe. Meanwhile, four government parties in Europe, Poland, Hungary, Austria, and now Italy have put their campaign and political profile under the motto of xenophobia and nationalism.

For many years, in Hungary, under the government of Viktor Orban, we have seen that its demarcation from the EU is linked, in particular, to the distinction against “strangers” and refugees. The anti-Semitic campaign against George Soros, Orbans thesis of the “migrants-free zone” in Central Europe and the construction of a wall opposite Serbia are signs of this racist policy of FIDESZ and JOBBIK.

In Poland, the right-wing government of the PiS party is exacerbating the pressure on the political opposition and eliminating democratic participation and legal certainty for citizens through pseudo-reforms. In addition, this government denies a solidary approach to help people in need by the partitioning of the country in the reception of war refugees from other EU countries. Frightening is also the massive falsification of history and disposal of places of remembrance.

In Austria too, the current government has come to power with the demand to close the borders of the country for people from other countries. In addition to further criticisms of the European Union, the leader of the FPÖ Strache even calls to cancel the free movement of EU citizens. Together with the Bavarian police, the identity checks at the German-Austrian border were reintroduced. Controlling is done mainly according to racist criteria.

In addition, in Italy, since this week we have a government, which is supported by Lega, Forza Italia and the 5-star movement. These parties represent positions of extreme right and right wing populists. Matteo Salvini, who has led his party “Lega” on a massive xenophobic course for several years, was sworn in as Interior Minister. He is responsible for the refugee camps in Lampedusa and other places. It can be expected that the already inhumane conditions will be worsened. The program of this government is an actual attack on the antifascist nature of the Italian constitution.

FIR appeals: Europe’s democratic and anti-fascist organizations and parties must join forces to stop further right wing development. Together, they must use the public debates on the European Parliament elections to promote a peaceful, social justice and anti-fascist Europe.