Hundreds of thousands demonstrate against racism in Germany

13. Oktober 2018

On 13 October 2018, several hundred thousand people demonstrated against racism, exclusion, “Fortress Europe” and intolerance at several demonstrations in Berlin, Bavaria and Hesse.

Under the motto “indivisible – solidarity instead of exclusion”, 240,000 people marched in Berlin. Many people had banners, posters and balloons with them. Among other things, “No to agitation against Muslims” and “Racism is no alternative” were read. A huge banner bore the inscription “Solidarity with the victims of right-wing, racist and anti-Semitic violence”.

Antifascist and anti-racist associations, trade unions, church groups and civil society organizations had called for it. Left political parties also joined the call. In the end, even the SPD called for participation, although many demands were also directed against its government policy.

At the same time, several thousand people demonstrated in Bavaria against racism, the dismantling of democracy and the development of the right wing groups, even though 40,000 demonstrators were already on the streets in the Bavarian state capital 10 days ago.

Also in Hesse thousands of people took to the streets against racism, discrimination and the AfD. The largest demonstration took place in Frankfurt. Under the motto “We are more”, the association “Lautstark gegen Rechts” called for an alliance of around 40 initiatives, parties and trade unions. Solidarity with refugees and rejection of deportations to crisis areas were also topics of the demonstration. According to the alliance “Keine AfD in den Landtag” (No AfD in the state parliament), there were actions against the AfD’s entry into the Wiesbaden state parliament on Saturday in several Hessian cities, including Baunatal (Kassel), Darmstadt and Gießen.