Successful congress of FIR in Reggio Emilia

5. Dezember 2019

“Together with today’s generations, we preserve the legacy of the fighters and persecuted, we fight against neo-fascism, racism and the roots of fascism, and for democracy, humanism, social justice and “a new world of peace and freedom.” This was the message of the XVIII regular congress of the International federation of Resistance Fighters (FIR), held in Reggio Emilia (Italy) on 29-30 November 2019. Delegates and guests from more than 15 European countries met in this famous region, well known for the “Resistenza” and the place of birth of the Italian Tricolore.

In its political and organizational report, the Secretary General presented a successful balance of the work of FIR and its member federations of the last three years. He mentioned important conferences in Belgrade and Rome, impressive commemoration ceremonies of liberation dates in former concentration camps, but also in Sevastopol, and political activities of member federations in all countries against neo-fascist violence, racism, antisemitism, and right-wing political attempts in electoral campaigns. He presented good experiences for the work with the exposition of “European Resistance fight against Nazism” and other ways to give the legacy of the veterans to new generations. He underlined that it was successful to strengthen the relations between FIR and its member federations, to intensify the communication, and to bring former member federations back into the active work of FIR. This work will be continued.

A main point in the political debate was the critics on the declaration of the European parliament of 19 September 2019. All delegates rejected this scandalous statement of historical revisionism. Several member federations made concrete proposals for common projects of historical work, being active against NS-glorification in Budapest, Sofia, Riga and Bleiburg, to support the International Day against Racism, declared by the United Nations.