Video message of FIR for the Day of Liberation/Day of Victory (in wording)

8. Mai 2020

The International Federation of Resistance Fighters congratulates you and all members of your Federation on behalf of the 75th anniversary of the Days of liberation, the Day of Victory.

Because of this specific situation, we only can send you our greetings in this electronic way, not personally – but it is for sure, these greetings are coming from our heart.

We will never forget the heroic fight of all members of the Anti-Hitler-Coalition, the allied armies, the partisans and resistance fighters, the deported and victims of the fascist regimes.

FIR honored this year especially the liberation of Paris by the French Soldiers and Fighters of the Résistance in August 1944, the liberation of the determination camp Auschwitz by the soldiers of the soviet army January 1945, and the self-liberation by the prisoners of the concentration camp Buchenwald April 1945. These are only extraordinary examples of the whole liberation fight of women and men, of soldiers and partisans, of resistance fighters and prisoners.

Not to forget means also to defend the historical truth of the WWII, the liberation and the liberators. That is why we fight today and tomorrow against historical revisionism, against destruction of memorial places.

We preserve the legacy of the survivors as they declared it in the “Oath of Buchenwald” and other documents. They swore: “The destruction of Nazism with its roots is our slogan. The creating of a new world of peace and freedom is our goal!”

This oath is the political legacy of antifascists all over the world until today. It means to be active against all forms of neo-fascism, racism, Antisemitism, xenophobia and intolerance. It means fighting for peace, solidarity, democracy and human rights for all people.

This year we need to celebrate the days of liberation, the day of victory virtual, in our minds and our hearts. Nevertheless, it is for sure our common spirit is able to change the world for a peaceful and solidary future – Antifascism is our goal for today and tomorrow.

Stay in good health and all the best for all of you.