Commemorating the liberation of Budapest

13. Februar 2021


At the Memorial for the Martyrs on the banks of the Danube in Budapest, MEASZ has organized a press briefing to remember the liberation of the city from fascism, as well as the heroes and victims fallen during the war. Because of the pandemic, instead of the traditional impressive wreath-laying ceremony, MEASZ was present there together with representatives of five political parties who jointly paid tribute to those remembered.

Among those who took the floor during the commemoration were Péter Niedermüller, mayor of the 7th district of the capital, on behalf of the Democratic Coalition party DK, István Ferenczi, chairman of the LMP party organization of Budapest, President Bősz Anett on behalf of the Liberals, Gyula Hegyi, Vice-President of the MSZP Socialist Party, and Gábor Erőss, deputy mayor of the 8th district of Budapest on behalf of the Dialogue party. Vilmos Hanti, President of MEASZ and FIR, who also read out the letter sent by the Association of Russian Veterans, conducted the press briefing.