Greeting of the FIR to all events on the day of liberation, the day of victory and the commemorative actions “immortal regiment” 2021

22. April 2021


The International Federation of Resistance Fighters (FIR) – Association of Anti-Fascists greets all participants of the celebrations of Liberation Day, Victory Day and the commemorative actions “immortal regiment”.

May 8 / 9, 1945 is and remains for anti-fascists in all parts of the world the “dawn of human history” (Peter Gingold). In many places of the world, this day is celebrated with dignity. The memory of the victims of fascist barbarism and the fighters against fascism is a permanent obligation for all of us.

Thus, we oppose all frightening attempts to falsify history, the rehabilitation of SS criminals as “national heroes” as in the Baltic States, the destruction of memorials to the liberators in public spaces as in Poland or the glorification of fascist collaborators such as General Lukov in Bulgaria, Horthy in Hungary or Bandera in Ukraine.

With our joint commemorative work we pay tribute to the people, family members, friends and relatives, political companions and personalities of all countries who gave their lives as partisans, resistance fighters and in the ranks of the units of the anti-Hitler coalition for the freedom of their homeland and the military dismantling of the fascist military machine.

We appeal to all: preserve the memory of the millions of victims of fascism and war, of the victims of mass extermination of Jews, Slavs, Sinti and Roma. Preserve the tradition, the memory and the mission of the anti-fascist resistance. We stand up for a world in which racism, barbarity, nationalism and intolerance have no place. Pass on the lessons of history so that they are never forgotten, so that such evil never happens again.

This year the International Federation of Resistance Fighters (FIR) – Association of Anti-Fascists celebrates its 70th anniversary. We must face the reality that in a very short time no time witnesses of the anti-fascist struggle will be alive. Nevertheless, their legacy must be passed on, because their tasks are still to be solved. Therefore, we call the today’s generations: join the community of antifascist and veterans associations.