Obituary Henz Siefritz (1946-2021)

22. November 2021


With deep sadness, we have to say farewell to a longtime comrade and friend, who for many years helped to shape the work of the FIR also on a responsible level, Heinz Siefritz, our longtime financial secretary. He died at the age of 75 years in the hospital last week, after he had increasingly health problems in recent months.

Heinz Siefritz was a socially engaged person throughout his life. In his youth, he was active in the anti-nuclear movement. After his training and further education, he stood up for the social and societal interests of his colleagues in the company and later as a trade union secretary.

As an anti-fascist, who still personally met the contemporary witnesses from resistance and persecution, he engaged himself after his professional retirement in the VVN-BdA on district and federal level.

When in 2004 the FIR moved its seat to Berlin and a new cashier was looked for, he took over this task. He never understood his role as an accountant, but brought himself as a political financial secretary into the common work. Thus, he was involved not only in the meetings of the leading body and in the preparation of our congresses; in addition, he represented the FIR several times in international conferences, on commemorative events or with member federations. His house at Lake Constance was open for antifascist guests like for example Prof. Ilja Kremer, who visited him there. Moreover, many comrades of the FIR and its member federations could experience him as a committed and cheerful comrade-in-arms.

Heinz Siefritz at the congress of Austrian KZ-Verband

In mourning, we take now leave and express in particular our deep sympathy to his wife Inge.