The progressive forces in Chile have won!

20. Dezember 2021

With large satisfaction, the FIR took note of the result of the presidential election in Chile. Not the right-wing conservative Pinochet supporter José Antonio Kast could defend his lead in the first election round, but the representative of the left forces Gabriel Boric received with 56% of the votes a clear confirmation in the runoff. FIR congratulates the newly elected Chilean President and the Chilean people for this victory of the progressive forces.

It is a social confirmation of the process that has been fought in the streets for several months of political protests against social injustice and educational privileges. The first result was the creation of a constitutional commission to change the old Pinochet constitution, and now a president has been elected who comes from the protest movement. 

We wish the elected president and the Chilean people every success. Nevertheless, we also know that progressive movements in Latin America are always in danger of being threatened and destabilized by outside forces, more precisely by right-wing forces from the USA. The FIR cannot forget how 50 years ago the socialist government under President Salvador Allende provided hope and awakening in Chile, but then was replaced by the Pinochet regime through the CIA-supported coup of the military.

The FIR and its member federations were afterwards part of the world-spreading network of the Chile solidarity. We provided help for the Chilean refugees and supported their fight for the freedom of the country. This is another reason why we welcome this recent success of the progressive forces in Chile.

¡El pueblo unido jamas sera vencido – venceremos!