Military logic does not solve problems – military actions must be stopped immediately!

24. Februar 2022

The FIR is an “ambassador of peace”. We stand for peace without war! Therefore, FIR condemns the Russian military action on the territory of Ukraine. As highlighted in our last newsletter, we do not see military escalation as a solution to the disputes between the Russian Federation and Ukraine in the context of the Donbass conflict.

Even if military action is limited to strikes against military infrastructure, we as an International Umbrella Organization cannot condone such action. We continue to advocate that this military action must be stopped immediately. A solution can and must only be found through negotiations involving the OSCE structures.

This situation once again underscores in all its drama:

Whoever wants a de-escalation of the situation must return to confidence-building measures (such as the open sky agreement), the principles of the NATO-Russia Founding Act of 1997 and to genuine arms limitation and disarmament treaties, which have been unilaterally terminated by the United States.

Not military strikes against Ukraine or on the other hand rearmament of Ukraine, but diplomacy, a common security architecture and the recognizable will for disarmament are necessary in this situation.

The FIR and its member federations raised already several years ago the demand for a new policy of détente. This is more topical than ever. The peace forces in all European countries must publicly stand up for this.