FIR presents memorial places documentation to Thuringia Prime Minister Ramelow

2. September 2022

The handing over together with Thuringian anti-fascists, photo Thuringian State Chancellery.

At the end of August, the Secretary General of the FIR, Dr. Ulrich Schneider, had an official appointment in the Thuringian State Chancellery for the presentation of the memorial places documentation and an exchange of ideas to the remembrance politics with the Thuringian Prime Minister and current president of the German Bundesrat Bodo Ramelow.

Together with two representatives of the Thuringian VVN-BdA, who have been pursuing an active remembrance policy for many years, including at the various memorial sites, joint proposals for the integration of the memorial sites into civil society remembrance were discussed.

It was from the viewpoint of all participants a constructive dialogue, which showed that the FIR and its member federations are perceived as relevant interlocutors in the memory politics and for today’s questions of the anti-fascist perspective.