Vote for anti-fascists in the European Parliament !

8. Februar 2014

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Call of FIR: Appeal for the European election campaign

In May 2014, the European Parliament elections take place . For veterans of the anti-fascist struggle and anti- fascists of today’s generations , these elections are important of two main reasons:

The current policy and development of the European Union does not correspond to the interests of large groups of people in the European countries. Numerous decisions lead to massive social exclusion, have disastrous consequences for the weakest of the respective countries. Therefore in the European Parliament , the votes must be strengthened , committed to a democratic , peace-oriented , solidarity and socially just development of Europe.

Secondly in various European countries racist and extreme right-wing forces growing up by the elections , which must be countered active and engaged in the election campaign and in Parliament.

FIR therefore calls on you in the European election campaigns to chose in all countries such men and women who work for a Europe

  • that confronts any form of racial discrimination or xenophobia,

  • that is an advocate for refugees and guarantees humane treatment,

  • that campaigns against all forms of Holocaust denial , historical revision and rehabilitation of SS criminals,

  • that ensures a social policy, which guarantees work, education, food and adequate housing for all human,

  • that stands for a policy of peace , based not on hegemony , but on non-military solutions to conflicts,

  • that represents a community for the interest of the people and not the rule of banks and business associations,

  • that stands for comparable living conditions in all countries and against forced labor migration,

  • that guarantees equality between peoples and nations, and no hegemonic policy .

Such an Europe is possible when the people stand up active and loud for their interests.