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Call of FIR (for the European parliament electoral campaign)

26. April 2019

The next elections to the European Parliament will take place in May 2019. For the International Federation of Resistance Fighters (FIR) – Association of Anti-Fascists, its member-federations in almost all European countries and Israel, veterans of antifascist struggle and antifascists of today’s generation, these elections are very important for a variety of reasons:
In recent years, …

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Vote for anti-fascists in the European Parliament !

8. Februar 2014

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Call of FIR: Appeal for the European election campaign

In May 2014, the European Parliament elections take place . For veterans of the anti-fascist struggle and anti- fascists of today’s generations , these elections are important of two main reasons:

The current policy and development of the European Union does not correspond to the interests of large …

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