Joint appeal for world peace and security

23. März 2024

During a meeting of the President of the World Veterans Federation(WVF) and the President of the International Federation of Resistance Fighter(FIR) – Association of Anti-fascists in Budapest, the following declaration was published:

We, the President of the World Veterans Federation and the President of the International Resistance Federation, are deeply concerned by the conflicts and hostilities that persist throughout the world, sowing suffering and distress among innocent civilian populations. We unreservedly support peace efforts in ongoing conflicts, based on justice and in conformity with international law and the United Nations Charter. We demand the immediate cessation of acts of destruction against humanity.
Recent events around the world remind us of the urgent need to act to put an end to violence, and we strongly condemn attacks against civilians and essential infrastructure, which are a grave violation of international humanitarian law. We urge all parties to respect their relevant obligations and to allow unhindered humanitarian access to affected populations.
We appeal to the conscience of all actors involved in these conflicts to put an end to the violence, taking into account their international legal obligations.
Together, united in our commitment to peace and collective global security, we make an urgent appeal to support our efforts to end conflict and build a better future for all the world’s peoples.