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Winning the peace – not the war!

31. August 2023

We remember the German aggression against Poland in 1939, therefor the military beginning of the WWII as “Anti-war-day” with peace activities worldwide. The United Nations declared September 21 as international “Peace-day”. For both events, FIR underlines its basic position as “Ambassador of Peace”, to be fighter against war, for direct ceasefire and beginning of negotiations …

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The FIR cautions: No nuclear armament in Central Europe!

3. Februar 2019

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At the beginning of February 2019, the US administration put its threat of last autumn into practice and cancelled the bilateral treaty with Russia on the destruction of nuclear medium-range systems (INF) concluded in 1987.
This decision was linked to the assertion that Russia had not adhered to the treaty because it had developed a missile …

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Appeal of the Russian Union of Veterans (RUV) to peoples, veterans and all antifascist forces – forces of good will in the world

22. April 2018


For RUV, veterans of Russia of all generations, the sudden massive missile strike inflicted by the NATO clique led by the US on April 14 at 4.00 Moscow time on the objects of Syria vividly revived the historical memory on June 22, 1941, when also at 4.00 the fascist regime of Hitler suddenly attacked the …

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